Poor EME conditions, but MS is ok

EME conditions have been poor for the last few days, and remain so. A quick look at F1EHN’s EME planner (part of his free EME System V7 software), shows why:



Todays data (13th May 2013) is on the very left of the graph. All the lines, except declination, are down in the darker area, indicating significant degradation of the ideal path loss. The next reasonable opportunity looks to be in a few day’s time.

I tried a few calls this morning at moonrise and just about made it onto LiveCQ, about 9dB worse than ideal. Unfortunately, I struggled to copy an answer from Sergej, RN6DJ, and we consequently failed to complete… Next time Serge!

Meteor Scatter remains good now that the summer showers have started to kick in. A try with Moma, YU1EV, was successfully completed at around 09z, at a very reasonable distance of 2246km (IO51vw-KN04cn). A later attempt with Peter, SM2CEW, failed – but some reflections were heard at a distance of 2293km, so there’s definitely a chance in the next major shower.

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