G4PCS on 144MHz

5 thoughts on “G4PCS on 144MHz

  1. M0BKL Steve

    Hi Mark, great to see your blog up and running, I will certainly be watching. Well done on your great EME qso with 9G5EME(not jealous really grrrrr). Also great achievement with your recent MS contact with YT3N.
    73 Good Luck Steve

  2. Penn

    Hi there Mark, we have a mutual friend, Steve, M0BKL who lives in Paignton. He was telling me that you used to live in Luton many years ago as I did. Anyway, drop me a message through the website, it would be good to catch up with you and find out if our paths have crossed, although I think I am slightly younger than you.



  3. Mark McMillan

    Mark I need your QSL for our 2m EME QSO for VUCC Can you help??

    IO91 3 0 G4PCS 28/10/2007 07:25 IO91WV 7408

    Mark W7MEM

    1. Mark Turner

      Hi Mark,

      I thought I’d already sent a card for that contact, but apologies if you haven’t received it. I’ll see if I can dig out an old card and pop in in the post.

      Regards, Mark


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