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May UHF/SHF weekend 2015

My main effort for the May UHF/SHF contest weekend this year was to activate IO51 on 3cm (10GHz). I had tried to do the same last year but discovered a problem with the transverter’s local oscillator (LO) producing too little power, meaning the activity had to be aborted. Since then, with the help of John EI2FG, I had fixed the LO and everything seemed to be working fine.

Unfortunately, I can only erect the 3cm station on a temporary basis and it is quite a lot of work but, if I’m going to try it at all, the SHF contest weekends are the time to do it! Luckily I had a few contacts which made it worthwhile – in fact I had more success on 3cm than on 70cm where (admittedly with very little time spent there) I worked the one station I heard all weekend…

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