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Another day on 2m, or was it 20?

Today turned out to be quite busy on 2m…

It was a good start to work Jurgen, EA6/PE1LWT (JM08ox/1614km) via meteor scatter: Reflections were very good, especially considering Jurgen is using 100W to an 8el. He’s mostly operating on 144.358MHz for ms.

There were quite a few contest stations out for the weekend, so I had a quick look around on tropo. In fact, I couldn’t hear much except a couple of French stations, including F6KBF/P (JO10HE/781km) who was a pretty decent signal: 

Later in the afternoon I saw that the TM77A expedition was QRV, in IN77tw. Once they had their antenna this way it was an easy 59 SSB QSO, with the 522km path almost completely over sea.

The whole day had looked very promising for Sporadic E, and during the QSO with TM77A I noticed that Band 2 was completely full of stations, mostly from Italy. After a few calls from myself and my (very close!) neighbour Tom, EI4DQ, the first signal appeared on 2m at around 16:10z. I had just a few QSOs:

02/06/2013 16:10 I2PY JN55NB 59 59 SSB ES 1609km
02/06/2013 16:11 IW3HRT JN55TG 59 59 SSB ES 1628km
02/06/2013 16:16 F0FUT JN37JO 59 59 SSB ES 1177km
02/06/2013 16:17 I3LGP JN55VK 59 59 SSB ES 1629km
02/06/2013 16:18 HB9DFG JN37SM 55 57 SSB ES 1230km

(Also heard: HB3?, HB9MFM/JN37te)

Some audio from the later part of the opening is here: 

Towards the end of this opening I heard 9A3DSL (JN65th/1756km) call Tom, but didn’t hear him again: 

The cloud then moved to the north and east, at which time I think the MUF was still above 144MHz but propagation wasn’t possible from here because the reflection point was too close. However, at around 17:45z the band opened up again, to the east:

02/06/2013 17:48 SP2MKO JO93CB 59 59 SSB ES 1782km
02/06/2013 17:52 SP4MPB KO03HT 59 59 SSB ES 1932km
02/06/2013 17:54 DK1CO JO63SX 59 59 SSB ES 1468km

Not too many QSOs, but some big signals! I’ve included quite a long recording here (warning, it’s 12Mb), which is in “real-time” so you can have fun searching for the signals!

Thankfully the weather here is great at the moment and I managed to fit in some gardening time with my wonderful XYL between all the DX, phew!