2m Es again

Another nice opening today with good strong signals:

19/06/2013 15:36 HB3YAT/P JN47JM  1313km
19/06/201315:37 IV3CYT     JN65SW  1714km
19/06/201315:37 F5JNX       JN37PV  1194km
19/06/201315:37 IV3NDC     JN65RV  1711km
19/06/201315:38 S57TW     JN75EX  1767km
19/06/201315:38 IN3KLQ     JN56RG  1557km
19/06/201315:46 DF1CF     JN57FP  1417km
19/06/201315:48 S53BH      JN65UO  1744km
19/06/201315:52 OE8HOQ  JN76DO  1728km
19/06/201315:52 S51WX     JN75OS  1835km
19/06/201315:52 OE8TPK   JN76AM  1715km
19/06/201315:54 9A3UV      JN85ER  1915km
19/06/201315:55 9A4VM     JN85FS  1919km
19/06/201315:55 HB9EFK   JN47CG  1288km
19/06/201315:56 S54O       JN75NT  1827km
19/06/201315:57 9A2XW    JN75SM  1871km
19/06/201315:58 9A2TE    JN85KK  1965km

Some of the distances worked off this Es patch were quite short, indicating a very high MUF, but all were pretty much focused in the same direction.

2m Es QSO map 19/6/13

2m Es QSO map 19/6/13

There was another patch of Es slightly further south and east, and at about 15:36z I heard IW9ATU (JM67wv, 2323km) but couldn’t get him to hear me, other than some QRZs. This is the only QRM-free snippet I have (by the way, I wonder who is the “Delta Zulu”?):

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