A rare event: more EIs than DX :)

A nice Es opening earlier but only one DX station: Franco, IS0HQJ (JM49kh/1923km) appeared at 59+ on 144.300MHz, at around 16:50z. The Irish outnumbered the DX by 200%, with Tom, EI4DQ also working Franco 🙂

Franco was 59+ for about nine minutes, and then a stable 51 for a further five or so, before fading. Here’s a short clip of his CQ on 144.300MHz:


There was another opening later today, probably from the same patch of Es that had drifted west, down to CT. Again, it was pretty good with signals in for about 25 minutes, but only two stations heard and worked:

14/06/2013 18:48 CT1HZE IM57NH 59 59 SSB 1627km
14/06/2013 18:58 CT1DIZ IM58KP 59 59 SSB 1479km

Signal strengths were up and down over the 25 minutes period, but were very strong at times:

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