A tadeen of tropo and extraordinary Es

I’d been out all day, but came straight into the shack when I got home because I’d seen reports that Es had been up into 2m, on and off. The Es “cloud” wasn’t really in the right place to make QSOs from here, but I set my antenna to about 150 azimuth in case it drifted a little more into range. I could hear Domingo, EA1DDU (IN73em/955km) on tropo, making Es QSOs to the east:

A quick check of the beacon band showed nothing from ED1ZAG, but the new ED1YCA beacon was coming in well via tropo on 144.445MHz (note A1 keying, with a long zero-carrier period):

The Es was developing very rapidly with more and more 2m contacts being reported. Although the band remained quiet here, it looked like the reflection point was starting to move to a more favourable position for QSOs from EI. Then, at 17:39z I heard a signal pop up on 144.300MHz and things started to get interesting:

7X5QB, wow! I immediately called, and he came straight back for a fabulous QSO from JM25ce, at 2107km. The band then started opening up to EA5, although 7X5QB was a good signal on 144.300MHz (with a lot of other stations…) for a further ten minutes or so. I tried listening and calling several times on S20 (FM) without success, but on SSB I went on to work a few more EAs. There were effectively two openings, with a gap from about 18:16z to 18:40z:

09/06/2013 17:39 7X5QB JM25CE 59 59 SSB 2107km
09/06/2013 17:41 EA5SR IM98GF 59 59 SSB 1612km
09/06/2013 17:47 EB5HRX IM99TL 59 59 SSB 1510km
09/06/2013 17:47 EA5EF IM99SM 59 57 SSB 1503km
09/06/2013 17:48 EA5TT IM99SL 59 59 SSB 1508km
09/06/2013 17:53 EA6SA JM19IS 59 59 SSB 1591km
09/06/2013 17:54 EA6VQ JM19HN 59 59 SSB 1608km
09/06/2013 17:55 EA6XQ JM19LH 59 59 SSB 1646km
09/06/2013 17:56 EA6RF JM19KM 59 59 SSB 1622km
09/06/2013 18:02 EA3CBH/6 JM19HN 59 59 SSB 1608km
09/06/2013 18:05 EA6FB JM08PW 59 55 SSB 1621km
09/06/2013 18:40 EA6FB JM08PW 59 55 SSB 1621km
09/06/2013 18:44 EB5AL IN90WB 59 59 SSB 1458km
09/06/2013 18:52 EA5SR IM98GF 59 59 SSB 1612km
09/06/2013 18:57 EA2CSI IN83LH 59 59 SSB 1033km
09/06/2013 18:57 EA1HRR IN83JJ 59 59 SSB 1020km
09/06/2013 19:02 EA2RCA IN83MB 59 59 SSB 1062km
09/06/2013 19:10 EA5GLN IM98HF 59 59 SSB 1614km

Map of 2m Es QSOs made on 09/06/13

Map of 2m Es QSOs made on 09/06/13

The MUF must have been quite high around 19:00z +/-, with stations only just over 1000km distant coming in here. It was very confusing, with EA1DDU and EC1APL, both in IN73, coming in here on tropo (when their antennas were this way) at 59 too!

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