The 2013 Sporadic E season

The 2013 Es season has started, with 50MHz openings centered over the northern Adriatic over the last couple of days, drifting up to the southern Baltic. The maximum usable frequency (MUF) has risen into the low end of Band II today, i.e. around 90MHz.

As usual, 2m dx-ers (including me) will be keeping their fingers crossed for a good Es season this year, with the opportunity to work great distances up to 2000km, and rarely beyond!

More information on Sporadic E propagation can be found on Volker, DF5AI’s excellent website at

A useful tool for analysing real-time (and historical) Es openings is Dave, G7RAU’s LiveMuf. I find it useful to have this program running practically all the time during the Summer months!

1 thought on “The 2013 Sporadic E season

  1. Nico

    Hi Mark, nice to see your blog on line. I will follow u x sure. Es season is just starting and we already have our minds set on it. Every year Es comes but each time is a different thing. Every time is just like the first time and it’s almost impossible to hide our babysh happyness when the opening is near to come..
    Some years ago I was lucky and I worked EA8TX on double hop Es; last year I copyed UA9 on 2xEs mode but the dx signal dropped immediately; too fast to be worked.. What will happen during 2013 Es season?
    My wish is to work some Scandinavian station, I will focus my attention between Skandinavia and North Atlantic area, and of course I hope to copy your CQ calls on 144Mhz. Greetings from JN81
    Nico iz7fls


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